Chicago-Kent College of Law, a law
school IIT, located in a very heart of Chicago, offer an exceptional
opportunity for lawyers – to get US LL.M in Chicago with scholarship.

The special feature of the program
is that one may start his / her LL.M study in Athens, Greece (where School of
American Law is functioning since May 2016) and finish LL.M study in Chicago in
one semester and earn US LL.M with this blended structure of master’s study.

To qualify for the scholarship, student must have a GPA at
least 3.8.

This year, Chicago-Kent College of
Law announces enrolment for LLM study for Albanian lawyers with the special

– One Full (100%) tuition
scholarship for LL.M study at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago;

– Two 50% tuition scholarships for
study in Athens;

– 75 % tuition scholarship for
each student – each graduate will receive 75% tuition scholarship for
one-semester LL.M study at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Detailed information is available