Tirana,11 February, from 10:00 AM

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Hotel Grand (St. Ismail Qemali)

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Eduart Cani


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The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) in through the Regional Environmental Center (REC), Albaina invites partners and interested actors on a consultative meeting on the process for preparing a Country Programme Strategy (CPS) for the Operational Phase 6 (OP6) 2014-2018 of The GEF.

The event will take place in Tirana, Hotel Grand (St. Ismail Qemali) on Thursday 11 February, from 10:00 AM.

The purpose of the meeting is to present the new approach of the GEF/SGP and the already identified focus areas of the new strategy. The participants will have the chance to express their views and provide input on how the new strategy will address the country needs in the areas of:

1. Biodiversity

2. Climate Change,

3. Persistent Organic Pollutants – POPs/ Chemicals,

4. Land Degradation/ Sustainable Land Management and

5. International waters

Therefore, state institutions, NGOs, Donor community, experts and representatives of the large projects in the related fields are invited to participate.

Please confirm you participation by sending an email at

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) provides non-governmental and community-based organizations (NGOs/CBOs) in developing countries with grants to enable them to tackle global environmental challenges while addressing local sustainable development needs. SGP is a GEF corporate programme, implemented by UNDP and executed by UNOPS. SGP Albania started financing projects in 1998. Since then, it has succeeded in funding and providing technical support for 231 grant projects.

In its 6th Operational Phase (OP6) which will be under implementation during 2015 to 2018, SGP has the following objective: “to support the creation of global environmental benefits and the safeguarding of the global environment through community and local solutions that complement and add value to national and global level action”.

A key element of SGP’s implementation in OP6 will be the development of landscape approaches within countries to better focus grant-making and promote strategic programming and clustering of small grant projects with the aim to achieve greater impact and lead to synergies and opportunities for scaling up. Depending on size and context of countries, as well as available funding for grant-making, countries may select one or more landscapes within which community projects will be supported. SGP will focus on supporting and coordinating concrete actions at the grassroots level by providing small-scale finance for local community-led projects within given priority landscapes, to achieve landscape-scale impacts in developing countries. SGP will also review, analyze, and codify results of these on-the-ground actions to distill and disseminate lessons which can be used for replication within the country and in other parts of the world.

Another key element of SGP’s approach in OP6 will be to enhance its role as a Grantmaker+ by strategically planning for the provision of services needed for achievement of greater portfolio impact, this may be done through selective use of capacity development grants as well as non-grant support services, networks and partnerships.